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How Does A General Contractor Help Freelancers Build Skills?

A growing number of people are turning to freelancers for their work. In fact, according to one recent survey, 34% of Americans are freelancers. However, many freelancers turn to general contractors for help building their skills to become more productive. This article will discuss how general commercial contractors can assist freelancers.

Commercial General Contractors: What Are They?

Commercial general contractors are the backbone of construction projects. They provide a unique blend of expertise, resources, and skills to manage large-scale commercial building projects. They work closely with their clients to determine what services are needed to build their project and can also advise clients on budgeting and timelines. Their experience in the field allows them to handle everything from demolition to fire safety inspections and more. Many complex building projects may only come together with commercial contractors – hire one for your next big project.

Commercial general contractors

How To Find A General Contractor?

A general contractor manages a team of workers to construct something new. This can include assembling a new house, tearing down a home, or building an office. Finding a good general contractor can be challenging, but they can help you find a reliable team to do these jobs.

  • Before hiring a general contractor, check their references and talk with their previous clients. You want to hire a contractor experienced with the job you need to do. They should have a history of satisfied clients.
  • Also, do some background research on the general contractor. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any complaints. Also, check with the City Business License Office to see if they are in good standing with the local licensing department.

How Can A General Contractor Help Freelancers Build A Work Portfolio?

  • One important factor in building your work portfolio is how your potential clients can contact you. A general contractor provides an easy contact method. Your contact information on your website and portfolio can be easily found.
  • A general contractor can also help you plan projects. A general contractor works with you to create a winning proposal. Since they are familiar with pricing, a skilled general contractor can create a proposal for you that details affordable services to generate a positive return.
  • A general contractor can also help you market yourself. Since general contractors can access thousands of people, they can easily market your services to potential clients. This makes it easy for potential clients to learn more about you and consider working with your company.

Freelancers Have Many Advantages Working With General Contractors

Working with a general contractor has many advantages for freelancers. Here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Professional Support: When working with a general contractor, you have access to a professional who can offer advice and provide guidance throughout the project. This can help ensure that projects stay on track and adhere to the highest quality standards.
  • Streamlined Process: General contractors are experienced in the construction process, which means they can ensure that projects stay on track and move quickly. This helps to streamline the workflow and make sure that deadlines are met. 
  • Access to industry knowledge and experience: Working with a general contractor is another great benefit. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete projects on time and on budget, which can help you focus your attention on other aspects of your business. 
  • Working with a general contractor: It is also a great way to gain experience with various projects and clients. This can help you gain invaluable experience and build valuable industry relationships, potentially leading to more freelance opportunities. 
  • Opportunity for networking and collaboration: Finally, working with a general contractor gives you the opportunity to network with other professionals in the construction industry. This can help you learn new skills, gain valuable insights into the business, and create potential collaboration opportunities.

How Do General Contractors Help Freelancers Build Skills?

General contractors can help freelancers improve project management, communication, budgeting, and problem-solving skills. By working with a general contractor, freelancers can gain the knowledge and experience needed to manage projects on their own successfully. 

  • Mentoring and coaching: General contractors can help freelancers learn the trade by serving as mentors and coaches. General contractors understand the challenges that come with being a freelancer, as well as how to manage those challenges. They can provide valuable advice, tips, and resources to help freelancers succeed.
  • Project management: By working with a general contractor, freelancers can understand the project management process, which is essential for any successful construction project. Through this experience, freelancers can learn how to create a timeline, manage resources, track progress, and ensure the quality of work.
  • Workshops and training sessions to improve skills: Many general contractors offer workshops to help freelancers improve their skills. These sessions may cover customer service, budgeting, and resolving issues. Through these sessions, freelancers can learn how to handle different projects and prepare for future job opportunities.
  • Chances to get hands-on experience: Freelancers who work with general contractors have the chance to get hands-on experience in the construction industry, which can be very helpful when looking for future jobs. 
  • Feedback and performance evaluations: General contractors can provide invaluable feedback and performance evaluations to help freelancers improve their skills. With this valuable information, freelancers can identify areas to focus on to improve their work.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A General Contractor

When you’re looking for a general contractor, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Here are five of the most important considerations:

  1. Experience: Choosing a contractor with years of experience in the construction industry is important. This will ensure the project goes well and that the contractor can do what they said they would do.
  2. Licenses and certifications: A contractor with the right licenses and certifications will ensure they are legally allowed to do the construction project. Different states have different licensing rules, so it’s essential to determine what the contractor you’re thinking about needs.
  3. Price: It’s important to find an affordable contractor; not all contractors are the same. Make sure to compare prices before you make a decision.
  4. Communication: It’s essential to have a good relationship with your contractor. Make sure to communicate regularly and be honest with each other about expectations.
  5. Quality: Always ask for quality proof before signing any contracts. This will help ensure that you’re getting the best possible service.


Overall, general contractors can help freelancers improve their skills. They can advise on insurance, regulations, and trade aspects. Freelancers who want to learn and improve must hire a reputable general contractor. Freelancers can learn much about their field by working with a general contractor. Contact Brewer Built LLC now to start your next project! This team has the construction expertise to help you succeed professionally. Their great customer service will give you peace of mind throughout your project. Take the plunge and contact Brewer Built LLC today—you won’t regret it.

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